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tv   [untitled]    March 25, 2015 12:00am-12:31am PDT

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sierra club i'm not speaking officially, however, open the sierra club simply that is off-the-cuff we e it takes along for us to make speaking, however, i was at the water committee meeting last week where we had a long discussion about the drought and the regional water system and what we're being asked to do around the drought i want to put-down forwarding the concept that the people working on the environmental communities are facing basically someone came to our meeting and said to us the smelt and the salmon are in danger of going extinct if i folks don't crack down on our water reviews and need to get our people to do that i agree we should use the drought and bosco
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to use the drought for its customers brown about we should say to our urban computers and use this moment look we need to save a lot more water we as agencies need to do a lot more we've only touched the tip of the eyes beggar on recycle so, yes we need to say that to all our customers whether in urban assistance but it is agriculture 40 percent of use in california we had not mentioned agriculture what about agriculture and that person said they're not allowed to draw surface water they're drawing ground water we correctly appointment to the person look we could use that ground water in the emergency to
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save the smelt and slam and we said do big agree have significant restrictions on the way they use water the answer was no i'll calling on puc and bosco to pound the pulpit that the impunity of water use is no longer acceptable and big agreeing needs not to be raising beef and other things to not constantly going to our urban customers saying you and your personal use are not only the only problem as agriculture we need the agencies to start saying that loud and clear thanks thank you
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thank you, mr. brooksworks. >> the march 24th meeting of sfruksz sfruks is now back in session we're going to deal with item 11 that is consent calendar item 11 is the consent calendar consent agenda are considered by the board to be routine and will be enacted by one resolution in the form or forms listed below. if discussion is desired, that item will be removed from the consent agenda and will be considered separately. 11 a approve the specifications and with regard contract in the
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amount of one million dollars plus to the scared construction and b the modification program for the counteracting for the duration by one hundred and 50 consecutive calendar day and c readvertise the contract. >> is there any requests to remove any item from the consent calendar. >> i move the total. >> second. >> okay. any requests from the public? seeing none, i'll call for the question all in favor, say i. >> i. >> opposed? the motion carries. >> what did i do wrong. >> i already asked for. $20 (laughter) >> oh, dear.
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>> okay moving on to the next item. >> 12 for the updating of the policies and procedures. >> in the time limit i'll move for approval it changes around the interests that conform with the major changes. >> all right. >> second. >> yeah. i was fascinated by the green bond. >> we'll do the power issuance in may we got approval on december 9th and come back on april 28th to give you an update of the contribution we'll talk about the green box we'll only doing inform the facilities.
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>> do i have any public comment. >> not being called green bond they're really power bonds. >> green is the designation of power bonds. >> is that on designation. >> a term that is being verified internationally more so than in the united states the municipal bond issuers like ourselves have using the bonds that coyote and- >> all in favor, say i. opposed? the motion carries. >> thank you. >> next item, please. >> item 13 approve the amendment increasing the agreement by had millions in an extension of 4 years.
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>> good afternoon, commissioners this item allows us to continue some important work many performing on behalf of airport contract supports the power enterprises green mission building program the program provides the design and construction services to the airport and other municipal customers the customers pay the puc for the serviced we're receiving the airport effort that underway to terminal one experienced some scope changes with the u.s. green council misdemeanor their requirements to include a building enclosure xhishgs he element so we through the amendment to the contract providing the airport with the capacity to complete the terminal one redevelopment captivity about u.s. green building council requirement
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that original contract was approved by the civil service commission for $9.07 year duration extension of $4.02 years is under the previously authorized 50 percent with that i hope you support this. >> again any questions we have a motion. >> so moved. >> second. >> any public comment on this item. >> (laughter). >> all in favor, say i. >> i. >> opposed? the motion carries. >> okay next item 14 please. item 14 to the all the time increasing the amendment by one hundred and 50 thousand with a time extension of 3 years. >> good afternoon michael
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deputy general manager a crack with spur from the ocean beach we want to continue to have spur if a role to sustain us in casing that plan for the record to fruition i'll be happy to answer any questions. >> questions? comments >> i'd like to move the item. >> second. >> public comment on this item? all in favor, say i. >> i. >> opposed? the motion carries. >> thank you next item oh, next item are power business plan workshop is going to be postponed we have to discuss. >> in the interest of time in that we want to cover a lot of important topics we'll reschedule the workshop when i'm present so we'll work on that and it will give us more time to
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fine-tune the presentation. >> there was a suggestion that we do the whole workshop together at another date and had have that a workshop session. >> we can definitely do that. >> well, we'll talk about that all right. could you please read the items for closed session and item 18 public appointment hiring arrest position to be filled it is assist general manager for the public utilities commission and item 19 for the gas and electrical company vs. the city and county of san francisco and versus gas and electrical and city and county of san francisco 22 pacific gas and trek vs. the city and county
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of san francisco 23 exciting rehabilitation for the city and county of san francisco versus pacific gas and electric 24th pacific and gas and electrical and 25 existing rehabilitation for pacific gas and electrical and 28th existing litigation for pacific gas and electrical 26 will not be heard any public comment on closed session. >> mia any motion to assert. >> all in favor, say i..
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>> move no did inform disclose. >> all in favor, say i. opposed? the motion carries. >> other new business for the commission. >> seeing none this meeting is adjourned at.
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>> i want to welcomed everyone today, we have a wonderful set the of speakers i'm sure everyone is incredibly that i have i didn't in their remarks you won't have be here longer a half hour and lunch break with tour 90 wonderful affordable housing for seniors and here to celebrate an unbelievable partnership are the st. anthony's foundation we've had the privilege to partner with them and this was their idea we are that lucky enough to be invited along for the ride it's been a fantastic trip we're happy with the outcome so i'm sure you're aware of the downstairs of this building has the new st. anthony's dining room and he associate work
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center and the clothing room in the second-story and on top an air right we are able to build 90 ientsz of affordable housing on floors 8 through 10 all right. that was not one of my applause lines as the case so many people were involved i'm going to do my best to if i for some reason, i leaf our name out we're thrilled for the opportunity the other really special thing will the building we thank you for the opportunity to name after a wonderful champion of so many issues around teenagers and immigrants all of the things i think p make inform so special that is vera haile housing her daughter's are here we'll hear from them this
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building is nominated after her that's an applause line all right. (clapping) so again there are a lot of speakers here today, i'm going to start thinning people was we go so i won't tire no one out first st. anthony's (calling names) i hope i didn't screw up too much psa necessary okay. i screwed up but any event this is an opportunity that st. anthony's extended to mercy we got a tremendous relationship in fact we share a board member her somewhere and her husband bryan helped to cement this relationship and the outlet incredible partnership anyone of this magnitude it is because of
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partnership are of the public sector you know in san francisco we have a city government that really knows how to get things done narns you'll the complaints when it comes down to affordable housing you can't member of the government like the housing and others i can't see her i want to oh there you are probably the first it champion in this city i think that is a little bit and inspiring when your elected officials are vongz for the housing pea she's an incredible champion and pushing this issue since before she was a supervisor and huge champion and i give you our champion jane kim
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(clapping) >> doug failed to mention i come out of the school of doug schumaker i've been well trained well before i came into office to represent this district those are the best days the day's when we get to do the ribbon cutting inform a much needed affordable housing in san francisco i want to give a big round of applause for the mayor faulconer's mercy and st. anthony's for making that possible today (clapping) they have been a lot of events on the site when i started my office it was really great to come to the groundbreaking when barry invited all of us to the st. anthony's new dining room and their services and spaces but the 90 units of affordable housing here for seniors that
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was named air force vourgz but we for the buildings to come up that's a lot of impatience i walked up and down the block and couldn't wait for the day it was phenomenal that building is really a part of the changing the future of tenderloin it is anchored with 11 taylor we have the bonding first church and one of the most come 35k9 churches that help people with their sleeping quarters and soon be able to go to the ribbon cutting that is one of the problematic liquids for those of you who wouk up and down the street it is now closed
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(laughter) (clapping). >> thank our tenderloin expand it was part of that and it is on valencia with an the problematic liquor store is going to turn into a youth riding i writing program for young people in the neighborhood with dave (clapping) but we're here to talk about vourgz and the housing that is here i have to say a couple of things about vieira i was fortunate to come into office as vieira continued her 20i678 there are many people in that the room that by vieira vieira was that fierce person she came in your office and never situated for the low income and seniors for everyone that needed a voice she was tireless when i
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got the news of her passersby i thought i saw vieira advocating yesterday we've had that experience on her last day fighting for the community and she really summed in an interview she did with gary in 2009 it was part of the story core project in the scombuf you get a sense of her spirit and drive for change she said when they talked in her interview why canned things change it's a simple statement but an important one to carry everyday many of us get stuck in reality was is possible and not but vieira was pushing the boulders and in that sentence why can't change it is a question she held everyday and fought to make sure the answer was yes so i want to
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congratulate again, the folks that make that possibly doug schumacher and shaurn and barbara were here everyday the project was a reality so thank you (clapping) of course, to barry for the vision with the st. anthony's foundation and board and staff to enlighten more than a dining hall but a place to find employment and access to tech and clothes and nutrition and housing a really full wrap up approach to how to make this neighborhood healthier and stronger and safer (clapping) and i'm sure doug will thank everyone there is so many folks
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that made this possible ultimately from the mayor's office of housing i see joyce crumb from human services and dph preponderance of the evidence e helped and mary go thank you to make sure that is a capacity today and i look forward to seeing the units and the residents who is going lives will be transformed on golden state (clapping). >> so it's true there are an unbelievable number of people from the city side marge go and wolfgang are partners not only here by on many projects are huk huge humane partners from the mayor's office of housing i've got a long list ann and olsen lee and georgia martin and
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others from the urban housing and i'm sure there are many others thank you for everything you did to make that possible (clapping) so we're officially 10 percent through the program in case you keep a chart at home the 09 great partner for us is the hud as long as hud for many, many years they've been the key partner for producing housing particularly for seniors in some ways a sad waterfront momentum this is the last hud 202 projects in california for whatever reason they've chopped did funding that provided the
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subsidies for this beautiful spot so hopefully that will change some day in not we're here to celebrate and we couldn't have done it without you from the team from hud to say more is larry ferguson the production chief our kids go to state and federal school together and a champion of housing. >> (clapping.) thank you doug before i get going i want to say on a perm note i'm very honored and humbled thanks again doug. >> home is where the heart is home is where the heart is iemth going to talk about hud's $13 million in section 202 capital that's itself sticks and bricks financing going to the
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senior avenue, i won't dwell on the project rental assistance that hud will be providing to keep those beautiful apartments affordable to our low income seniors i'm not going to tell us the hard working go contractors who put their hearts into this development and the stimulus to all levels of the economy this project has provided so far i won't go along about the green and sustainable features about the state of the art of this design and this is one of the last section 202 affordable housing that will be coming online for the foreseeable future i will identify the hud staff who worked with our many partners to make this project a reality those hud staff put
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their hearts into this and i'd like to point out the hud folks if you get our names called racing rise your hand. (calling names). (clapping) and our esteemed hud council (calling names) and i especially will speak to our seniors because their why we're trial here our seniors will call this place home and i say home because what's being create here 1902 just simply apartments or housing those are homes you see this concept of a home transcends having a roof over our head and our seniors will live independently in their new homes as long as they're able to distribute and access to a full
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range of 13069 services in fact the services at vourgz are measure of our nation's heart our nation's love and our nation's respect for our seniors home is where the heart is thank you. (clapping.) >> that's correct larry and thank you for thanking the hud staff i want to thank the hud staff for not only this project but the many projects i'm sure we'll work together regardless 69 federal proimsz so with that, i want to introduce someone that needs no introduction i think along with supervisor kim the two are incredibly committed to making that city for all as the mayor
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likes to say a champion of affordable housing for many, many years has worked in this field as a participation and now as an elected it official and policymaker he is something that i think made it clear this is a huge priority not only in this term with that i want to introduce mayor ed lee (clapping). >> thank you doug doug in many ways this is an honor of you and certainly of our wonderful combination between you and st. anthony's i want to be here because i've known vourgz and want to say thank you to jane kim we both continue this record pace of cutting ribbons and opening doors of opportunity and